Mark is a Filipino-American who grew up in Manila and Tokyo. Graduating from Stanford and Westminster Seminary California, he hopes to be an ordained PCA (Presbyterian Church of America) pastor working in Japan. Megumi is a Japanese Christian who grew up.. 

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September 30, 2017

That is the question I got at a session meeting. The KMGC session asked me to speak at their church retreat. They expressed their concern of various church members being divisive, which was generating some conflict. Then they turned to the rookie pastor, "Hey, why dont...

August 31, 2016

"What is the biblical basis or wisdom in forming denominations?"

This was one of 370 questions I had to answer for my written ordination exam.
This was one of the many questions that helped me hone my own convictions about my faith, my view of the church, and my view...

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Walking Victoriously with a Limp

MTW Missionaries, Mark & Megumi Bocanegra 

Missionary couple endeavoring to labor in Japan for 40 years in order to

train elders, plant churches, and deepen Reformed Confessional theology with the Presbyterian Church of Japan

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