Current Ministry

Why do you hope to do church planting in Kaihin Makuhari Grace Church (KMGC)?


After our term with Oyumino Christ Church, we hope to partner with KMGC to start their second worship site at Kaihin Makuhari. Among the many cities and neighborhoods in Japan, we decided to plant with KMGC for the following three reasons.

  • Prime Location for a Church Plant: Among the four prefectures in Greater Tokyo, Chiba Prefecture has the lowest church density of about 19,000 people per church. Furthermore, the small residential area of Kaihin Makuhari will grow to about 35,000 people with a high concentration of young families--but with only one church serving this neighborhood.

  • Ideal Partner for Church Planting: The church plant will be the daughter church of Kaihin Makuhari Megumi Church (KMGC). KMGC was planted in Kaihin Makuhari 18 years ago and is one of the rare cases of a Japanese church plant that particularized, became financially independent within 10 years, and wants to plant a new church. The 80 year old senior pastor has been in the ministry for the past 50 years and planted three church plants. The session is also made up of two other battle-hardened elders and an experienced missionary. This session and thriving church plant are the ideal senpai (meaning roughly "someone older than you who you respect" i.e. mentor) and "mother church" to our church planting endeavor.

  • Strategic Hub for a Three-Pronged Ministry: Because of the location, the proximity, the existing ministry, and the potential of new developments, the Makuhari Team can be involved in three strategic ministries. First, the Bay Town Ministry will be working with the existing church, KMGC, to continue to reach out to the 25,000 people in Bay Town. Second, the Bay Park Ministry hopes to plant KMGC's bilingual worship site in Makuhari Bay Park, the future home of 10,000 people living in six high-rise apartments. We hope to use an active kids program and an English program for college students and professionals to attract young families into the new church plant. Third, the Young Adult Ministry hopes to do outreach to the nearby Kansai University of International Studies and  Makuhari Sogou High School. 

See Here for the Full Proposal: